2014 was an incredible year. I have been blessed beyond belief this past year and am so grateful for those in my life who helped make 2014 a year to remember! Here are the 14 best things from 2014. 

1. I turned 30 in January and celebrated with some amazing friends!


2. I took a wonderful trip with a girlfriend that included a photography conference and a drive through the desert to the Grand Canyon in a bright blue convertible. 


3. This girl. I adopted Miss Paisley from Seiss Bulldog ranch in Seneca, Kansas in March. She is the most stubborn, hilarious, and affectionate girl ever. I love her so much.


4. My grandpa officially moved to Iowa in May. I now get to see him several times per week and I thank God that at 94 years old he is still riding his bike and going strong! 


5. I traveled through Northern Italy with my dad, uncle and brother in June. What an amazing trip we had! 

Cinque Terre2.jpg

6. My boyfriend gave me a hot tub. Enough said.

hot tub

7. After taking a year off of school, I restarted my MBA classes and will graduate in May! 

8. I had a lot of great times with this guy.

Chris Anne

9. Two new photographers joined our photography studio! They have been wonderful additions to the studio and I have learned a lot from them.


10. I photographed 9 weddings. I LOVE WEDDINGS.


11. I got a new full-time job in December with a great company in Des Moines. 

12. I got to spend two weeks at Christmas with my brother. He lives in Germany, so having him home has been extra special.


13. I got to meet and photograph so many amazing people. I am extremely grateful for each and every client.


14. My mom. I am thankful for all of her support this past year! She is an amazing blessing in my life.


Happy New Year friends! I hope you are richly blessed this year! I can't wait to see what 2015 has in store! 

Love, Anne