Spring Break

2 weeks ago we drove to Mexico. From Iowa. 

With 2 parents, 1 boyfriend, and 1 bulldog our minivan headed South for a week filled with sun, relaxation, and over 2600 miles of family time.

After a long winter it was nice to see the flowers and palm trees! 

And after 19 hours of driving, we made it! 

Spring Break-3.jpg

This is Ozzie.

Spring Break-4.jpg

And this is my cowgirl. 

Corpus Christi is beautiful! 

We spent a night at Larry's cabin on an island South of Corpus. 

A bulldog in a life jacket. Have you ever seen anything cuter?! No. 

(It was so windy she didn't want to open her eyes for her photos.)

Ok, maybe he's cuter. 

I did not actually catch anything. 

Island life.

Finally, we made it to Mexico! We drove to the border and walked across the Rio Grande to Progreso, Mexico. 

I'll take one of everything.

We had a great trip, and Paisley enjoyed her first (of many) Spring Breaks.